June 2, 2013

Lucky Number Seven | Happy Birthday Caroline!
All night we were losing.  Black jack, roulette, even the slots were merciless.

Until a friend exclaimed, "I'm betting it all on lucky number seven --- for
Caroline's birthday!"

Round and round the wheel spun, excitement crackling in the air.  My friend
announced "If we win, this is gonna be the year she recovers!"

"Oh, definitely!"  I laughed, not giving a second thought because
no way
would it ever hit.

Clickety-click-click-----unless, maybe.......  

Never ones to give up hope, we watched and waited.

The ball that carried the weight of one little girl's future bounced into 23
and out again, wobbling, weaving in and out, finally easing its way into........

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The first big win of the night and the only one we needed.  

Our spirits soared for one little girl with a head full of dreams a whole lotta
luck on her side.


On her birthday, we'd like to thank everyone who follows her story.   As you
know, it's not simply her story, it's the story of so many of our children, and
so many hopeful parents.   

We are only one among countless families in this community.  Families
striving against the odds we've been given.  In many cases 'betting it all' as
we attempt to heal our children, ourselves, our loved ones, and sometimes
the lives of anyone who will listen!

Together, we know the meaning of hope.  We share your dreams and thank
you for sharing ours.  In so many ways, we have hit the jackpot just by
knowing one another.  

Much love, always, from our family to yours!

Happy Birthday Caroline -- this just might be THE year!!