If you're just beginning your journey with a child diagnosed with Sensory
Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD and/or Apraxia and you aren't
getting the results you want from therapy alone, what do you do?  

You've probably heard about biomedical treatments, but all of the
information can feel, well, overwhelming to put it mildly...  Who to believe,
what to do first, how to even start?

We highly recommend to start with two books.
Another book for people newer to biomedical
approaches that's a must read is TACA's Journey
Guide.  Reading it feels like someone is holding
your hand explaining every step you should

You can receive one for
free by attending a TACA
meeting, or purchase one for $20 at their site.  
The table of contents can be seen if you click on
the book to the left.

TACA's website is also an excellent free resource.
If you're considering starting dietary interventions (a typical first place to
begin) the below link will take you to a very helpful guide on how to be
GFCFSF in 10 weeks...
And finally, it's important to connect with other parents who have been down
the road - they will be your best resource.  

You can meet people by attending a TACA meeting or joining one of the
many online groups.  The link to join our group is at
Recovering Kids. In the
group you will find invaluable files compiled by the admins including an
excellent "First Steps" guide and also many encouraging stories from other

Also, check out these great resources:

Beginner's Guide
from Treating Autism
We recommend:
Dr. Usman and the entire staff at
True Health Medical Center in
Naperville, IL
The first is by Dr. Kenneth Bock, "Healing the
New Childhood Epidemics"  

It very clearly presents beginning supplements in
a tiered approach and explains each treatment
including the percentages of children who
improved with each.

It will likely be the best $10 you'll ever spend.  For
the link to buy on amazon, click the book... and
read the reviews if you need further convincing of
it's worth!  (It was our very first book)
Learn better from Videos?  

We recommend the Autism One site
for an incredible collection of videos from conferences
and also:
We wish you the best of luck on your journey.  Our site is here for you.

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Another excellent comprehensive
guide can be found here:
Biomedical Approach for
Autism: The Basics
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