So shocked by the transformation, I decided I needed to give the fishy stuff a
legitimate try on myself.  

I splurged and bought the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega  ~ instead of the
Costco variety we tried years ago that had 248 of the 250 softgels remaining
when it reached it's expiration date ~ because the claim of "no fishy aftertaste"
turned out to be nothing more than, well, as some might say, a fish tale (insert
eye roll emoji).

Still determined and optimistic, I reluctantly swallowed the brownish-yellow
softgel.  And WOW... no wonder Caroline takes the stuff so easily. It actually
tasted ONLY like Lemon.

Then I waited... I took another the next day and then -- sometime between
Caroline asking for the forbidden Build-a-Bear computer game for the 37th
time and being late for her therapy -- I realized, I felt great!  Almost as if the
sun was shining (though it was not) and nothing could get me down. I also felt
as if my thoughts were clearer and started to wonder if it could actually be the
fish oil?!!

Each day I felt the same, happier, less forgetful and more tolerant - triple win!  
Then, obsessed with my new found 'magic pills,' I started having my husband
take them and found a noticeable difference in the amount of chores I could
ask him to do before he complains!  As an added benefit, my nails have never
been stronger and my knees have stopped hurting when I carry the dead
weight known as 'Caroline sleeping' up the 18 agonizing stairs to her room.

All in all, I'm amazed and will be a repeat customer for a very long time.  I don't
need any more studies to tell me why we ~ and especially our kids ~ need to
take them, but here's one if you're interested:  
Brain health dramatically improved by intake of omega-3 fatty
acids and fish oils

If your kids like chewables, I'd recommend trying: Nordic Naturals Omega
3-6-9 Junior  (please be aware these chewables actually are more of the 'gusher' - bite
and squirt - variety)
April 26, 2011

Cod Liver Oil... make mine a double.

I recently took Caroline off her Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil for a week... just
to see.  I saw alright.  I saw bad behavior, tantrums, less use of language and
just overall unpleasantness.

I kept trying to attribute it to other things and not until the end of the week,
looking back at my notes, did I start to think there could be a link.

I put her back on it... again, just to see. Skeptically thinking there was no way it
was singlehandedly responsible for the demise of my otherwise happy
daughter's mood, I amazed when, within a day, she was 'fixed' and has
remained that way since.
And the next time you've had a day that calls for a stiff drink after the kids are
finally asleep, you may consider instead taking some of their Omega's, you
just might feel surprisingly well the next morning... something a double
strength martini (despite it's obvious short term benefits) can't quite deliver.
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