February 1, 2012

When Autoimmunity Meets Your Child | Keeping allergies, asthma, autism
and more at bay...
Do you recall when your child first developed their autoimmune disorder(s)?  Was it
at 3 years, or maybe on the day of their birth?  Perhaps even in utero.  What was
the cause?  Do you know?  Could it have been something you never suspected all
along?  What if I told you it was quite possibly vaccinations?

Would you stop reading because your pediatrician told you "The studies have been
done"?  I hope you don't.  And I also hope even if this is the last sentence you see
before you click the          you ask him or her, "Please, show me the studies."  

Because - and if you're still here, thank you - what you will see when you look at
studies are a group of studies funded solely by parties who benefit financially from
vaccines.  A group of studies conducted on small numbers of children who were
followed for days, not months or years.  A group of studies that each only deal with
one vaccine.  None of them testing what happens when vaccines are given in
combination.  I could go on, but this blog is not about the problems with "the

It is about the problem with vaccines that too many people are unaware of.... The
problem of them causing autoimmunity.  Which, if your child has allergies, asthma,
adhd, autism, PANDAS or any other autoimmune condition, should interest you
more than what to put on tomorrow's grocery list... so please keep reading!

Autoimmune DIsease Awareness Month

When thinking about how best to address the lack of awareness of the underlying
cause of many autoimmune diseases, I wondered, is there an Autoimmune Disease
Awareness month?  Google told me, sure enough, there is one and it's coming

At the website for the AARDA, of course I found no information about the causes of
autoimmunity, or even mention of many of the autoimmune disorders our children
often face.  It was primarily geared toward adult women's diseases.

I see this as an opportunity, another time we can spread the word and start the
'beginning of the end' of the drastically increasing rates of allergies, asthma, autism
and related disorders in our children.

Awareness starts at home

At our home... well, my sister's home, they recently welcomed new twins!   The boys  
names are Luke William and Collin Jacob and they were nearly 7 lbs each of
unvaccinated bundles of joy!

She also has a 3 year old unvaxed daughter... and no, her decisions weren't
caused by any pressure from big-sis, yours truly.  In fact, we barely talked about it.  
After Caroline's vaccine injury, she merely learned the facts.

She knows that vaccines cause broad ranging problems (far more than 'just' autism)
and realizes that for her family, the risks are greater than any perceived benefits.

Even my Mom, the former nurse, would now dodge in front of a looming
immunization needle to protect her grandchildren from harm.  And knowing the
facts, she's not at all concerned about the "dangers" of them catching polio or the

Why?  --- Because a child's immune system is more balanced and stronger without
vaccines. --- Because vaccines cause autoimmune problems, which already run
high in our family. --- Because autoimmune disorders are A BIG DEAL with no cure
in sight. --- And because when you know how vaccines work (and often don't work),
you realize, the 'decision' over whether to vaccinate is not really a decision at all.

Beyond the home

Well, my sister got the message, so that's 3 children covered (good thing she had
twins!)  But what about the millions of others?   What can we do to reach people
who, like myself  6 years ago, aren't looking for information and aren't aware that
the studies really
HAVEN'T been done?

We know that with this audience, we probably have about 45 seconds to make a
case.  So rather than a page that goes on and on about cute nephews and grocery
lists, we need to present simple, straightforward information that explains the link
between vaccines and autoimmunity at the most basic possible level.

And so the
awareness site was born.  A site so simple you can probably view
it without glasses.  

It requires only one click.  Choose your child's disease and be directed to a page
that explains how vaccines could cause or worsen it with a simple outline:

Will it work?

With help from our friends, I'm convinced we can reach people who hadn't otherwise
considered that their child's allergies might be getting worse with each year's flu
vaccine.  Or expecting mothers who don't realize that there is more to worry about
than the mercury or lack thereof in vaccines.  
(Please note, the metals & toxins in vaccines
are another very real concern that can also affect autoimmunty, but that's a topic for another blog).

I'm hopeful that maybe, if we put our heads together, we can figure out how to best
get the word out that... instead of just mentioning to a friend at the bookstore
strange how our children have so many more allergies than we did."
Parents should try to learn why and understand that it's because we've 'tinkered'
with their immune systems more than any previous generation and that:

Ribbons and Hoopla

So yes, I know it's not March, and I swear I'm not a person who puts out Christmas
decorations before Thanksgiving, but I'm excited about this idea and I'd like to
motivate the unfortunately large community of parents with vaccine injured children,
to come up with ideas to take advantage of 2012's Autoimmune Awareness Month.  

We need to make it our own and do more than pass out ribbons with empty
promises.  We have the tools to give people real answers about how to avoid the
diseases in the first place.  Let's put them to use and improve the health of our
nation's children, one child at a time... or in the case of twins, two by two!
Caroline's adorable new twin cousins, Luke and Collin,
born 1-10-12.
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