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Biomedical / Healing / Diets and more...

Chasing Nathan, and other adventures...
This blog relates a hope-filled journey from not believing to BELIEVING... and calling
things as they really are.  Nathan, my 5 yr old son, has Autism and is nonverbal. He
used to just "have Autism" until we discovered his many health issues.  Today, we
have a much HAPPIER and HEALTHIER son, thanks to one doctor who believed and
a treasure trove of wisdom from fellow parents.

Drew's Autism Recovery Diary
This is the journal of my son's recovery from autism. It started with my need to
document the different treatments/therapies as well as my own emotions dealing
with a non-verbal child.  I soon discovered that people were reading it...and it was
helping them too!  Drew once was a non-verbal, non-communicative child with no
desire to do anything except tantrum. He is now fully conversational, mainstreamed
with no support, smart as a whip...and his teachers do not know of his former
diagnosis. He is on the cusp of beating PANDAS too! It's candid, raw, and from what
I've been told, sometimes funny.

Healing Joshua
This site is about Joshua. He has Autism.  After his vaccine injury ... Joshua never
spoke another meaningful word until he was 14. This site is about HOPE and
HEALING .... and the journey we have taken.... We know Autism is treatable ... We
have seen the miracle of His transformed life ... We have seen the Hand of God at

Kyan's Fight
We are the proud parents of a beautiful 4 year old boy diagnosed with Autism. This is
our blog detailing our experiences in helping Kyan through his journey out of autism.
Our goal is to update family and friends on Kyan’s ongoing progress, as well as to
educate people who want to know more about Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Nothing But Blue Skies
I'm Lisa. I'm a mother to the most kind hearted, gentle soul on the planet. These last
3 years have been eye opening, to say the least. I'm here to share, to laugh, to cry,
and hopefully spread what my son has taught me..... to slow down. These kids have a
glorious way of teaching us to enjoy life, to appreciate the little things, and to stop and
smell the roses.

Red Green Lellow
One military family's journey to healing their son with autism. Christian family that
wants to live frugally, and a healthy lifestyle.  Autism is reversible, kids can recover
from autism.

Road to Recovery From Autism
I am mom to 3 beautiful children.  My oldest with Autism & CP, my middle child
with sensory processing disorder (almost fully recovered) and my baby with severe
food allergies.  I write about our personal experiences with healing autism.  These
are our stories.  What we did....how it worked (and IF it worked)...and how my
daughter is recovering from a diagnosis that rocked our world. Enjoy!

Seeing through my son's eyes (Asperger/Autism)
This is about our family and our journey with autism.Also diet and healing through
food, biochemical and living a toxic free environment

Spectrum Mum in Malaysia
My eldest daughter was diagnosed with Autism, then my 2nd daughter regressed
despite my best efforts to prevent it. What's a mum to do to keep sane? Start a blog!
I'm a Malaysian Mum raising two daughters on the Autism Spectrum. Or at least, I
used to as they've both recovered. But, the story doesn't end at recovery...

Tribal Mamas
This is a group blog of families on the specific carb, GAPS, and low oxalate diets who
also dabble in camel milk and NAET (allergy elimination treatments).  Kids are
recovering from allergies, ADHD, apraxia, autism spectrum disorder, and autism.  
Moms are recovering from celiac disease, IBD, IBS, allergies, and more.  Dads are
recovering from the crazy lifestyle we lead.  We try to mix it up with chatter about daily
life and case stories from the kids recovering.

You are what you eat!
Our healing journey from the moment we discovered our first born needed healing,
when we began the tug of war with the jaws of autism.....not to ruin the story, but we
won!  We continue to heal him and his younger brother, so the journey is not over, but
I hope our journey is able to help others just beginning.

The Lighter Side of Autism (minimal heavy stuff here)

Autism Cafe
3 moms - Naomi, Kathy and Christine sharing local and relevant autism resources,
including Must Reads, Tricks of the Trade, Recommended Websites, Inspiration,
Autism Facts and GFCF Recipes.

A view from the periphery
As a dad to a pre-teen boy with autism, I try to relate stories regarding our funny,
unique, quirky life.  Often our life is lived on the literal and figurative edge.  That is our
vantage point, our view of the world.  Occasionally and when necessary, I may get on
a soapbox and rant, but more often I will try to entertain and share from our view from
the periphery.

Caffeinated Autism Mom
Musings from a caffeine-fueled, slightly crunchy, Type-A mom of 2 boys with autism,
sensory issues, and multiple food allergies.

Embracing the Spectrum
Hoping to provide support, encouragement, and awareness of autism and those who
have individuals in their families diagnosed with autism. To me, the diagnosis of
autism is not something devastating and does not say anything about my son's
potential. This blog will talk about our day-to-day achievements and struggles as a
family in which one person happens to carry a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum

I'm just that way and that's just me
Sassy mother warrior from Los Angeles raising a sweet little girl with autism in the
Midwest. Leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth, and constipation- oh my! Biomedical
treatments have changed everything. Woohoo!

Mom in Two Cultures
I'm mom to four kids, teaching college, and living a bilingual, bi-cultural life with my
immigrant husband in the rural Midwest. We are two-cultured in a number of ways:
Japanese/American, Autistic/Neuro-typical, Cosmopolitan/Rural. In other words, we
are fish out of water practically everywhere we go.

My Family's Experience With Autism
I'm "Mom" to 3 wonderful children including 5 year old girl/boy twins, both with
autism.  This blog is where I go to share.  Sometimes I share stories about our days.  
Other times I talk about what "Autism" means to us, in order to help others to "Get It."  
It really depends on how I feel when I sit at the computer.

When I'm not hunting zombies or sharpening my ninja skills, I am mother to two
children, one of whom is on the Autism Spectrum. Please enjoy the chronicles of my
daily life, which consists mainly of trips to the grocery store and delivering fantasy
verbal smackdowns to the evil villains at the health insurance company. And no,
Target doesn't pay me to mention their boxed wine. I just like it a lot is all.

Shenanigans and Siblings
I like to write about my kids, sibling rivalry, autism and their all around shenanigans
that they are always up to.  My 7 yr old son has a formal diagnosis of high functioning
autism and a mixed receptive expressive language disorder. He does not take any
medications and is part mainstreamed and part in a social skills class in the public
school system. We do diet and some homeopathics for neurotransmitter support
along with vitamins and minerals.
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