March 28, 2012

L-Carnosine & Seriphos | Calm, aware, talkative & agile!
"Keeeerrrrrmit!" the Build-a-Bear aficionado called out, as she ran up to him.  
Turns out we didn't have every stuffed animal gracing the store's wall.  
Not yet anyway.

Perched up in all his lime green glory, he sat beside his lovely prima donna piggy.  
The pair of them at a bargain price just shy of $50.

Telling her she could have ONE, we ended up leaving with Kermit and a T- shirt for
$32.  And who really needs a know-it-all diva anyway?  Our house already has moi
to play that role.  

So no, I'm not writing with the revelation that buying stuffed animals will recover
your child... although it did result in a very happy Caroline.

I will tell you that Caroline's cognition and happiness in the store was definitely
enhanced by two supplements we've started in the past weeks.  

Two supplements that are arguably the best $50 we've spent on biomed.  


Ringing up at just under $30 is L-Carnosine.  I was reminded of it by a friend and
an online search led me to:  
L-Carnosine and Autism

"Powerful antioxidant, free radical scavenging and neurotransmitter properties."  
Interested, I read on...  "Children treated with L-Carnosine showed significant
improvements in behavior, socialization, and communication, as well as increases
in language comprehension."

When I saw that it can specifically enhance the activity of the
neurotransmitter, GABA, I was reaching for my credit card.

I gave her 100 mg, twice, on the first day.   Calm.  Aware.  Better language.  
Coincidence?  Nope.  Second day, same thing.  Absolutely hands down marked
improvement.  Everyone in her life noticed.
"Carnosine Calm" became our mantra.  (She now takes 500 mg.)

Elated with the changes, but left questioning whether I
should pack away the "All-star biomedical mom trophy"
sitting atop my cabinet of supplements.  How could I have
missed this?

And then I remembered.  I didn't miss it... I was afraid of it.  A credible source told
me that it can "help some children with seizures, but also can cause irritability and
sadness in some kids."

Since Caroline hasn't had issues with seizures and I didn't need to unleash any
ADDITIONAL irritability, I decided not to try it.  Phew.  At least I had a
reason for my
"mistake."  The trophy lives on another day.  But this mom was reminded how every
child is different and no matter how reliable the source, doing your own
investigation, sometimes with trial and error, is crucial.


You don't need to be an accountant to determine it retails for $20.  And in it's case,
"You get what you pay for," has never been more
un-true.  I know this because
inside that cabinet (beneath the trophy), sit many abandoned bottles of pills
sporting price tags multiple times more.

And actually, the bottle of Seriphos came from the same cabinet.  Just before
giving up on it, I went to and read: "Seriphos has an impact on stress
by providing adrenal relief."

You had me at "adrenal relief," I thought.  Why wasn't it helping Caroline? After all,
"Serine phosphate derivatives are believed to help optimize brain
neurotransmissions with specific reference to hypothalmic-pituitary area.  It also
exerts a beneficial effect on memory retention and recall..."

She needed all that.  But then I saw it:  
Side Effects: Some individuals may experience hyperactivity and/or mild insomnia.
Elimination of the evening dose and restricting intake to morning and noon meals
usually ameliorates this problem.

Caroline's doctor had told me to give it to her before bed.  But when I shifted the
dosing to daytime (1 cap at breakfast and 1 at lunch), voila!  

The very next day on our Facebook page, people saw this ----------->

Unbelievable changes in motor planning, coordination & agility.  I was in shock.  
Her Occupational Therapist was in shock.  I bet Caroline herself was in shock!

The pair of them

Just like Kermit and Piggy, these supplements may be working better in tandem. I
can't say.  All I can say is that her language and comprehension continued to
improve.  Significantly.  

She used to sit and passively watch her Dad imitating Elmo ducking under trees on
wii (great mental image, I know).  But now, when a low hanging tree is coming, she
shouts "Daddy, duck down!"

She used to give completely random, inappropriate answers to WH-
comprehension questions.  For instance - when asked "Where is the girl?" - she
would say "Because I like it!" or "Jumping."  But now, with zero time delay, she will
say "She is at the park!"  And no, it's not even rehearsed.

Shared affect and sense of humor are also much stronger and more frequent.  
Yesterday, she was in a shopping cart while I unloaded it into the back of the car.  
To her surprise, the cart started to roll down the slope of the parking lot.  She
looked at me, right in the eyes, said "On no!" and then started laughing.  That
would NEVER have happened last month.  I would've been lucky to get a meakly
uttered "help," with no eye contact.

The Recommendation

Safe to say that according to our family, these two supplements are ones everyone
should consider.  On a scale of 1-10:  ONE being our $100 bottle of hydroxy b-12
and TEN being
camel milk, I'd give both of these a solid NINE.
Pretty amazing for $50.

The bottom line is this:  
  • Caroline recommends Kermie for the 'cuteness' factor.  
  • I recommend L-Carnosine and Seriphos for the 'dramatic improvement of
    quality of life' factor.  

If you have $80, maybe go for all three.
Parent Reports:
Carnosine and Autism
For Regarding Caroline Blog notifications
Note:  We used Kirkman L-carnosine at
the time of this blog. Now we use pure
encapsulations.  It retails for more $57
because of the higher potency.  
New Beginnings carries another option
for $21.