November 30, 2011              

Camel Milk Update Days 4-8
This blog is an update from a previous post.  If you haven't read the initial post,
you may want to do that first. It's at this link:  
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The past 5 days have been fabulous, camel-milk-wise, and not so fabulous

On Saturday, we were supposed to do the unthinkable and switch from one
internet provider to another.  Unfortunately, my husband had a conflict and needed
to change the appointment.  Somehow, the original provider thought it would still be
a good idea to go ahead and disconnect us -- what's that they say about payback?!

Imagine the horror.  No internet until Wednesday!  First the pleading calls were
placed, then the threatening ones and then, well, no we didn't resort to crying....
but came awful close.  

Our house was officially an internet cold spot which made me wonder -- at what
point do you qualify for an honorary Amish card?  After all, we were drinking
camel's milk had no internet access.  I'd say we were one appliance failure away
from being admitted

On with the update

You'll notice I'm keeping close track of her sleep because it's been terrible since
the PANDAS flare and I'm hoping will improve permanently with the milk.

Days 4-7 are on 2 ozs of milk, gradually increasing.  She is now drinking it straight.

Day 4 -- The whiny-ness is gone!  For the first time ever, Caroline answered a
"Why" question without a scripted answer.  I asked her why she wanted my phone
and instead of the usual "because I like it," she told me... "Play game with flowers.
Please mama?"  Of course, she got the phone.

Asleep at 8pm.  Awake 1 - 2:30 am.  Awake at 10 am.

Day 5 -- Attended the Ferguson's Thanksgiving feast.... (my mother in law is gracious
enough to have it on an alternate day so we don't have to be in two places at once)  
did well, even with all the festivities.  She was interacting with people and there was
a lot of pretend play with a toy barn she found in Grandma's guest room.

Asleep at 9pm, awake at 4:30 am to start the day!

Day 6 -- Not surprisingly, way overtired.  But still, acting fairly decent.  In the past
we would've had major meltdowns on 7 1/2 hours of sleep, but she kept it together.
Lots of engagement, eye contact and wanting to play.  By 4:00 though, she lost it
and was ready for bed.

Asleep at 7pm, awake 11-12:30am, awake at 7 am -- about as good as it gets

Day 7 -- Went to the eye doctor and she was remarkably cooperative!  Sat in the
chair, read all the letters on the chart, tolerated the bright lights in her eyes and
lots of poking by the doctor.  A major improvement from the norm.  When asked
"where are you going?"  Instead the usual silence, she told us, "Downstairs, to

Not bloated (extremely rare for her), talking well, verbalizing her wishes and very

Asleep at 7:40pm, awake 3 -4:30 am, awake at 9:30 am.  

Day 8 -- increased milk to 3 ozs.  Some of the stimmy-ness (similar to when we first
started) returned for about 15 minutes after the last "dose" and she had difficulty
falling asleep (but also she slept until late in the morning.)  Not bloated, day two!!  

Her engagement was very good, she was playing with her toys for longer periods of
time.  Communicating well.  Did better than usual at speech therapy.  

Asleep at 9:15 pm (was in bed at 7:15), awake 3-4am, awake 9:15 am


The die off seems to be behind us, although it could return as we increase the
dose.  Which is why you're not going to see us winning any awards for the quickest
consumption of the milk.  From past experience with immune boosters, we know
that "slow and steady" is optimal for Caroline.  

Right now, we're in a good place, she's calm, focused and life is pleasant.  Plus....
we have the INTERNET!!!  Looking forward to the upcoming week!
Why is there a picture of Caroline at the
optometrist?  Read "day 7" to find out.
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