It all started with one simple chalkboard.

Black. White.  No opportunity for misunderstanding

The vaccine controversy reduced to the most basic level.

Suddenly the lone chalkboard was a hit!  Then came more
chalkboards and a webpage.

Today, we've released and a new
video!  Tailor made for friends and family who haven't had as much
time to research the vaccine issues and aren't aware of the world of
information available that doesn't quite line up with what our physicians
are telling us.  

Encouraging people to take the time.  Do their OWN research. Our
children's futures are well worth it.  The dedicated
Chalkboard website
and are two great places to begin the research and
links are provided at the end of the video.

So please, watch our video and pass it along.  Advocating for our
children's health made easy.  Black. White. Simple.   Thank you!
Read the story of the video's
origins at
Age of Autism
To view directly on youtube,
click here:
The New vaccine awareness website: