Those of you who've been following her know that her sensory challenges surrounding water and
getting even a micro-drop of the wet stuff on her have gone from debilitating - to exhausting - to
"praise the Lord, she can take a bath without screaming!"

The followers, bless you, are also probably wondering if I'll ever stop bragging about it.  Have I told
you, she also loves the sand now too??!  ((wink))

Seriously... will it ever stop?   Maybe, maybe not.  For today, though, I have an excuse.  That's right, a
mother can always find an excuse to brag.

You see, treating yeast was the first step we took to reign in her sensory issues.   After finding natural
yeast fighters weren't strong enough, we started a prescription antifungal (Diflucan) and no sugar
diet in 2010.  Those two changes brought dramatic differences in what she could tolerate sensory wise.

The yeast though.  It's a beast.  And since so many things we do biomedically to heal our children, also
flare yeast.... hbot, chelation, even b-vitamins, it can leave a parent wondering if it will ever stabilize.  

A properly functioning immune system can keep yeast in check, no problem.  So we just needed to fix
it, right?  Teensy little problem.... her immune system, like so many of our kids, was being impaired by
heavy metals.  Which means, the only way to permanently combat yeast, is to remove the metals.

So we chelate.  Weekend after weekend.  On and on... Always keeping our eye on the prize.  Always
remembering that anecdotally, somewhere around 50 rounds, the yeast becomes easier to control.

Urban Legend?  This mom is always a skeptic.  But here we are.  Round 58 of Andy Cutler Chelation
and look at us.  We stopped the Diflucan last week.  She's still playing in the water.  Building castles of
sand.  Running through the grass... blades of which used to be terrifying.

So as I watched her jump in and out of the tadpole pond, barely even flinching when classmates
splashed her, I didn't care that she didn't ride the bus or eat lunch with the group.  

She's not yet typical.  But she is progressing.  Every day.  
It's often hard to see when you're close up.  
And many days it feels like you're lost in a giant tree maze.  

But when you step back, climb to a lookout point
and take in the big picture, you can see it.  The path
you're taking makes sense.  You begin to realize it's
possible!  The healing, albeit slow, IS happening.

58 rounds.  When we began, I NEVER thought we'd
get there.  But we're here.  We're off Diflucan.

We're on our way.  Next stop.  First Grade.


What is Yeast Overgrowth?
Buuuut... she did an excellent job leading the group to a treehouse.
And reading signs for her classmates.
And then, she went in the toad pond.  Removed her shoes, hiked up her leggings and jumped right in.

To remind you of how NOT typical your child is.  
Caroline lasted exactly 3 minutes on the bus.
4 minutes with the group in a tree maze.
And 52 seconds at the lunch table.
What are we using to
fight yeast now?

  • Pau D Arco
  • Goldenseal
  • Oil of Oregano
  • Candex
  • Camel Milk
  • Lots of Coconut Oil
  • No sugar