May 31, 2013
There's been a rustling in the biomed community for some time now....

People theorizing that
gains from classical homeopathy are short lived
because the body's detoxification pathways are blocked by the ever-growing
chemicals and drugs in our environment.   

As parents of children with autism, many of us spend considerable time on
detoxification treatments.  But what if those treatments could be more
effective if we first improved the body's ability to clear the toxins that are
being pulled?   

What if we need to marry sequential homeopathy and detoxification in order
to achieve the perfect union?  

To find out, we're joining the ranks of parents turning to homotoxicology in
an attempt to open the pathways and achieve deeper healing.  Our initial
appointment with Mary Coyle, D.I. HOM was this week and our remedies
arrived yesterday.  

Several readers have asked us to blog about the experience.... so, on this page,
we will post Caroline's remedies and observations.  It's common to observe
fevers, rashes and other healing reactions as a child progresses.  We can't be
sure what to expect, but are guardedly optimistic based on other parents
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Remedy Added
Anti Age Stress
Guna Sleep
None yet.
Did not give her clonidine (for sleep) at
bedtime... was wide awake until 10:30,
gave her the clonidine, asleep by 10:50

Anti IL 1
Thyroid Drops
Nothing really.  
She is answering questions slightly better than
Iodine drops
Rash on legs - late afternoon (not unusual)
gone in 20 minutes
* Screaming in the bath... she hasn't done this
in years.  Also after, lifted her arms and
said "up" something she used to do
after the bath also years ago.
Then, she took my iphone and played an
old game - baby first.  
((as MC predicted, interesting))

Has a cold...  unrelated to homotoxicology
more coughing
very hard to determine what is from being sick
and what might be homotoxicology
pulled back a little on some doses
she's coughing A LOT

very calm.  still sick
Unda 2
Have not noticed anytthing at all other than a
PANDAS flare which we largely resolved with
herbs.  She was crabby and more OCD until we
restarted HBOT.   Does not seem like anything is
attributable to homotoxicology.   
The PANDAS flare was a direct result
of her acute illness.
June 26, began Unda 2.
Homeopathy & Homotoxicology and Their
Role in Reversing Vaccine Injury  
Source: AutismOne

Current scientific research and clinical
experience suggests a large subset of the ASD
population possesses poor detoxification
capabilities and an inability to immunologically
overcome viruses and bacteria from vaccines
and environmental exposures. Therefore, toxins
may bio-accumulate from a number of sources,
including residual toxicity and pathogens from
vaccines, the overuse of pharmaceutical
interventions, and environmental assaults
resulting in many dysfunctional systems,
including food and environmental allergies, gut
dysbiosis, under- and over-immune system

Operating on both an extra- and intracellular
level, homotoxicology assists the body in
removing stressors that can create roadblocks
in the ASD child's healing process. A number of
studies have shown that a great number of ASD
children suffer from hyper-reactive immune
systems when confronted with certain foods
and food compounds, in addition to
environmental allergens.

Could vaccines be one of the culprits behind all
of these responses? A vicious cycle of chronic
biological stress, keeping a child in a continual
state of "wired but tired," makes it nearly
impossible to attend in class or even sit still.

The mechanics of homotoxicology is geared
towards gently eliminating these stressors. As
the child's body receives the correct signals to
remove their own toxic body burden, the organs
and systems begin to relax and, finally, to heal.
This presentation will also include some of the
latest research on the use of homeopathic
nosodes to lessen the shock of vaccines and
remove their potentially negative residual effect.
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*Note: All remedies started slowly continued unless noted as removed.
Please note, we discontinued this
treatment after no noticeable results.
July 27, 2013 UPDATE...

We are now on round 2.   To be honest, have not noticed anything much at all.
Will update this page if our opinion changes :)  Thank you for following and
apologize for our disappointing results!