Vermox & parasite
listed here.

PM - super giggly

more giggly
less engaged
also started
Diatometrious Earth
carsinosin 200c
(no change)
Cutler Chelation
Round 64
TD DMPS 5 mg
Quinton water

poor language,
scripting (all week)
CC: Round 65
ALA 5 mg
hydroxy B-12
June 26
Began treating
methyl B-12
2 drops

very nice,
more social
hydroxy B-12
hydroxy B-12
average day.
Not bloated
methyl B-12
4 drops
CC: Round 66
TD DMPS 5 mg
7 mg
5mthf 1/2 mg
added back
Began Epicor
1/8 cap slow
Whiny, Crabby.  
remaining  OCD gone
new date
camel milk
yeasty but
great at ballet
but better mood!
Caroline: thyroid, parasites, mthfr
doing great (from
Thyroid tx)
less anxiety,
engaged, calm
did a good job
at new ballet
doing awesome!
engaged, not
stimmy, happy!
methyl B-12
8 drops (holding)
As you can see, the weeks leading up to the hug epiphany were up and
down and down some more.  There was giggling, crabbiness, scripting,
pacing, spaciness and those were all before breakfast.

But then, it came.  Amazing eye contact, more smiles, genuine happiness
and better health.  The bloating that rarely leaves her belly was gone.

And what caused it?   Without a degree in analytics, it might be difficult to
decipher.  But, many of us autism parents have honorary degrees and in this
case, I can call on mine to tell you.... I think it's all of them.  

The things contributing to this month's synergistic healing are treating:

Because I can't write about all of them in one blog post and I've recently
written about parasites and thyroid, I'd like to take a moment to talk about
why we're revisiting mb-12.

MTHFR, not this again!

After a year and a half of mb-12 injections, we stopped them last summer.  
Caroline improved.  But, 9 months later, I noticed her speech was no longer
improving and slowly becoming garbled.  

But, what to do?  Shots expired.  Prescription refill ended 2 days earlier - isn't
that always how it goes?  

Weeks turned into months and her doctor wanted to do a test before
restarting the mb-12.  More waiting.  Finally the results were in.

Homozygous for MTHFR Gene Mutation.

Immediately, I began oral hydroxy b-12 (the only kind in the house that wasn't
expired)   And then oral mb-12 as soon as it arrived followed by an mb-12
injection the day they arrived.  Sounds a little like a just-in-time recovery
shop we're running over here.

And the results?  The verdict is still out.  Because of concerns that mb-12
injections can raise cobalt levels, we are not jumping back into every 3rd day
dosing.  I'm watching carefully and will proceed with caution - perhaps
alternating oral and injections.  

MTHFR 101 for anyone who needs it.

MTHFR, is a gene that when you have certain variants, an important enzyme
in the body functions at a decreased rate.  

People with MTHFR variants do not make enough glutathione.

Glutathione is the body's primary antioxidant and detoxifier.  Which means, if
you have low glutathione, you're less able to rid your body of toxins.  

This is a HUGE problem.  You can see
on this chart on how to treat MTHFR
mutations just how broad reaching it is.

Some things to note: avoid all chemicals, artificial scents, cleansers,
pesticides.  Leads to problems with gut, parasites, yeast, food intolerance.
Do: heavy metal chelation.    

If you ask me, a MTHFR DNA test should be performed on every child before
any vaccines are given.  Dr Ben (linked to the right) agrees.

Caroline's test was homozygous for the MTHFR C677T gene mutation which
very common among autistic children and extremely significant.  It means
her enzyme efficiency & ability to detoxify is less than 10% of normal.

10%.  That's why we are so "overly" cautious to keep her from toxins, scents,
tobacco smoke, mercury in vaccines, the list goes on.  

And unfortunately, treating MTHFR variants are much more complicated than
diagnosing them.

For some initial treatment options, including 5-mthf and mb-12, please visit
Selected Notes on MTHFR and the links above and to the right.


To hear more about the mb-12 supplements (second time around) and for
additional info on hugs du jour, please stay tuned.

And to everyone who is feeling as we were mid-month, try to remember...

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars"

~Ralph Waldo Emerson, who must have lived amongst parents of children
with special needs.

* A special thank you to all of our friends on Facebook who shared the joy
with us on July 20th -- the 'Gymboree Day.' (re-posted below)

nothing special to
still below
effects of
raising the ALA
dose apparent.

mb-12 injection
MTHFR and Vaccines / Immunizations –

"Personally, I would not recommend
vaccinating any child with a homozygous
MTHFR mutation – unless it was a potentially
life-threatening problem or a very high risk

The most important things in an infant for
immune support are:
- Vitamin D3
- breast milk
- probiotics
- clean environment (low toxins in the
home/baby crib/bath/toys..)

It is not only about thimerosol in vaccines – it
is also the adjuvants which stimulate the hell
out of one’s immune system – thereby making
one susceptible to autoimmune conditions or
overactive immune systems in general – such
as allergies.

I’ve had many patients – and friends with
children – that share stories of how their child
shut down after vaccinations."

~ Dr. Ben
Read this site and watch the video to
understand what heterozygous and
homozygous for MTHFR gene variants
means and how it affects glutathione
words coming

When you have an autistic child, their healing can often be measured by the
progression of hugs.

In the beginning, hugs only exist in your imagination.  Envisioning your child,
who avoids all eye contact, someday hugging you back, feels like an
impossible dream.  

And then, there comes a day when your child tolerates a hug without
grimacing.  But as powerful as the breakthrough is, it's also underwhelming
and bittersweet.

Hugs of compliance are not what you imagined when you selected nursery

Still, you forge on.  Your glances are met with eye contact and sometimes,
on a lucky day, your smiles are returned. The hugs are tentative, but
tolerated more and more.

Until one day, when you realize they've evolved into an action you could
almost call voluntary.  Their little arms wrap back around you and you are
officially hugged back.  A feeling like no other... you've arrived.  This is it!

And life goes on.  Yet they still aren't recovered.

And you work and work, forgetting how important getting to the hug once
was.  Your sights set on bigger conquests.

Which only increases your surprise when you become aware, the hugging
chapter wasn't closed.  


Mommmeeeee... Caroline exclaimed, as she ran to me, as fast as her legs
would carry her.  She stretched out her arms and in that moment, gave the
biggest, tightest hug her tiny arms could muster.

This time, it was unequivocally different.  This time, she wouldn't let go.  Not
after a minute, not after two minutes.  She just kept hugging.  Staring
deeply, through my eyes, into my heart.  Her smile widening as nose to
nose, she wrapped me with all that she had.  Frozen in time, the only two
people in the world, her embrace told me everything for which she had no

It was in that moment that I realized, the chapter on hugs may never end.  
They may always get better and better.  But on this day, July 23, I believe
we've arrived.

How did it happen?

Exhibit 1.  
Select notes from the past three weeks...