"I just read your ebook and most of your blog, and I must say it was very
enlightening to me.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and
experience with the world.  It truly is / will be life saving to many, many

There really is no higher calling than being a mother, especially a mother to a
child with complex medical issues.  Unfortunately, I am very new to the
biomedical treatment of autism.  We have tried and have had some success
with different therapies.  She has had OT and speech therapy,
aquatic/sensory based therapy, PT, listening therapy, neurofeedback and
chiropractic care.  We have not done any supplements prior to now.  

By "liking" different Facebook autism pages, I became aware of a whole new
world in regards to the treatment of autism.  I saw a post one day about the
AutismOne Conference in Chicago.  I was surprised it was free and made
plans to attend.  

In the meantime I began to research biomedical treatments for autism. Wow,
had I been wasting a lot of precious time!  I was so excited, maybe there was
hope!  At the same time, I was learning all about vaccines and my excitement
was almost overshadowed by what I learned.  It made me sick to my stomach,
it made me ANGRY, it made me feel guilty, it made me sad.  But then, once I
got past all that (not completely), it all began to make sense.  Autism is
medical.  Which means it is treatable!  

I attended the AutismOne Conference and was blown away by the speakers
and parents I met.  It gave me hope and a sense of direction.  Ever since
then, I have been researching and learning a tremendous amount of
information on how to help my daughter.  I came upon the
Andy Cutler
Chelation Protocol and just knew I had to try it!  We will be starting chelation
on Aug. 24th, after a couple of weeks of starting the recommended

I love the Facebook pages I have found, they have been so wonderful and
have given me the hope and inspiration I need.  After all, no one knows
autism better than those who live it!  

So thank you again, for all you do and I hope you have a wonderful


Lynn is the mother of a 10 year old diagnosed with autism.  She says
of her daughter:  

"She really was a pretty good baby.  However, we always knew there was
something just not right.  She did not interact normally, especially with other
kids.  She really didn't care if they were there or not, and sometimes we
weren't sure if she knew they were there.  She had odd ways of playing with
toys and hated going to new places, being in the car, going to church, etc.

She didn't like to cuddle, showed little emotion, and had a very high pain
tolerance.  She was uncoordinated, couldn't hold a pencil properly or catch a
ball.  Then preschool started and it became painfully obvious that something
was wrong.  She could not focus, would not sit with the other kids, had
screaming tantrums, often refused to write or color, etc.  Shortly there after
we got the diagnosis of autism.

I believe now, that a lot of her toxic burden came from me.  While I was
pregnant with her I had 2 rhogam shots, surgery for a an appendicitis, dental
work done, and I have hypothyroidism.  I also had her by c-section.  She was
born in November of 2001 so I am pretty sure she had the vaccines with the
full mercury."

It's a story shared by so many.   

But those of us who have been in the trenches sometimes lose sight of how
what we're doing is truly touching the lives of parents brand new to the world
of biomed.  And that is why I wanted to post Lynn's story.  

I also asked Lynn for her ideas about the best way for a new parent to get
 The pages, sites, and groups that gave her the best information and
most hope.  Links she believes any parent new to a diagnosis should have.  
She was excited to have the opportunity to help others.  

Without further adieu, here they are...  


Blogs / Facebook Pages           

Web Sites


           If you were unable to attend, the presentations were recorded
           and several are being posted each day -- a great resource!

Please consider helping Lynn make a difference by passing along
this page to a parent you think might benefit.

Personally, I'm grateful to Lynn for reminding me - and so many of us - that
what we're doing is helping.  We are being heard.  We are the guideposts
many of us only wished we would've had.

We aren't perfect.  We don't have all the answers, but we are sharing what
we've learned and that makes the process easier for the next family.  They
don't need to reinvent the wheel.

They can look at Lynn's list and pages like our own "
Getting Started" page or
our list of
Parent support groups and focus more hours on healing their child
than on figuring out how to begin.

This community is strong, dedicated and selfless and I'm proud to be a part of
it.  Thank you to all of our readers who have sent messages similar to
Lynn's.  You are why we are here!

Together, we heal our children, but we've also become part of a much larger,
more global movement of preventing future generations from harm.  We know
the burden falls on us and we accept it, mostly because we're painfully aware
that if we weren't touched by autism, we wouldn't be listening to people like us.

Talk about an uphill battle!    

But then there are people like Lynn.  They keep us moving forward.  They
center our efforts.  They renew our spirit.

Thank God for sending us the Lynns.
The below letter was sent from the mother of a 10 year autistic girl.  She's new to
biomedical treatments and was kind enough to share the story of how she
uncovered a "whole new world" of possibilities.

As soon as I read it, I knew it needed to be shared.  Passed along to show others
the process by which so many of us have come to know that autism is treatable.  

Since oftentimes parents are unsure how to "break into" the world of biomed -- not
knowing what to believe or who to trust -- I asked Lynn to include a go-to guide for
getting started on a path to recovery.  The websites, facebook pages and groups
she found most helpful.  A list of her best sources for hope.