Mama Bear IV
Last week, Caroline had a play date with a “typical” peer.  As the three of us
ventured to the park, I found myself wondering “What if I had a typical child?”  How
would my life be different?  

First of all, I wouldn't be exhausted from simultaneously balancing and propelling my
wobbly 5 year old on a Razor scooter.  She’d be a half of a block ahead of me, just
like her friend, barely glancing back or caring if I was there.  Instead, Caroline,
clinging to me for dear life, simply doesn't have the motor planning to balance, push
and scoot at the same time.  But she loves it when I push her, and so I do.  

Back to the wondering...what if the other girl was my daughter, what kind of mother
would I be?

During the short stint I played as a “typical” mother (prior to Caroline’s regression), I
know a little about what it was like.  It was nice to have the quandary of how she was
going to have time for a nap between play dates as my biggest worry of the day.

On one such play date, a friend with a speech delayed son 3 months older than
Caroline told me she was worried that her son might have autism, I said, "Oh, no, I'm
sure he doesn't," trying my best to look certain, because I'll admit, later that day I
Googled "Autism" to find out what the symptoms were.

After some brief reading, I felt terrible for children with autism, but with one click of
the X on the monitor, that world was gone.  Leaving me free to upload happy pictures
Caroline on her 1 year birthday.  

I had an aire of false confidence as I thought about how on top of things I was as a
mother.  I believed, so to speak, that I noticed every "tree" in the forest...
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November 22, 2011

Mama Bear in the Forest

When Darlene Franco asked me to write for her highly acclaimed Mama Bear Series, I was
honored, humbled and most of all perplexed.  Was I a Mama Bear?  What could I possibly
write that hadn't been written by the three incredible warriors who were previously featured?

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