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Stolen Childhood

I’m going to
Smash through all your barriers
Kick every one apart
So nothing stands between us
And I can reach your heart

I’m going to
Scream away your silence
Destroy your blank disguise
Paint the colour in your cheeks
Switch the light on in your eyes

I’m going to
Chase away each fear you have
Make them run and hide
Tear off all those Russian Dolls
That trap your love inside

I’m going to
Fill your days with sunshine warmth
Enough to melt the frost
And bring to you a childhood
Like it never had been lost

© Irene Ewen
Was sent to us from a reader.
Such a lovely tribute to all the
special needs mothers we know.
It's one of the world's most demanding and
creative jobs.  The days are long, sometimes
extending all through the night.  It requires a
wise mind, a patient hand, and a caring heart.  
It involves leadership, organization,
transportation, entertainment, psychology,
and lots of intuition.  

Anyone who can handle all this, and do it year
after year with a smile in her eyes and love in
her heart, has to be someone pretty special.