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If at first you don't succeed, go closer...
August 8, 2011

Cheesy Trip to Chuck E Cheese & Germophobe Code Red
On Sunday afternoon, we visited the cheesiest place on earth... Chuck E Cheese.  
I'm not entirely sure how the idea came about - but it was sometime between the
hours of 12-6:00 AM when Caroline was wide awake, laughing and talking to herself
- leaving me to curse her ongoing sleep issues and contemplate what we could do
later that would require minimal effort on my part.

Chuck E Cheese certainly fit the bill and having only been there once before - when
she was two - I was fairly sure it could keep her entertained for a while.

Armed with our "95 tokens for $15" coupon, we entered the house of all things
chees-y.  Unfortunately, I forgot to check the "Germophobes Guide to the City"
handbook, because it would've been ranked in the 'worst nightmare' category.  The
college kids who work there clearly have never met a sanitizing wipe.  

Fully unaware of the lurking germs, readying themselves for attack, Caroline had a
blast!  She was thrilled to ride a fiberglass horse, drive an Indy car and perfect her
carnival game skills.  They even have an amateur version of roulette called
COLORAMA!   With all the bet placing, ticket winning, bells dinging and cha-chinging
of tokens, the place has all the makings of a kid's Vegas training camp.

All in all, it served it's purpose, Caroline had fun, I stole a few moments to be alone
with my random thoughts (mostly germ related) and she traded her tickets for a
crazy cool Chuck E Cheese coin holder.
[photo below]

About those Germs

In mommy zone-out mode, one thing I wondered is why no one's come up with a way
to enable us to shield off pesky viruses and bacteria, it is 2011 after all... sheesh.  
I also thought about the impending back-to-school date and how each September
and October, Caroline catches everything short of bubonic plague and by
Halloween, I'm nearly ready to consider homeschooling.

This year though, we're better prepared because we have

What is ProBoost?

Not your garden-variety, drugstore immune booster (like "Emergen-C" or Zinc
lozenges),  ProBoost Thymic Protein A (TPA) is the real deal.  It's an immune
modulator and anti-viral supplement that was developed by Immunologist Dr.Terry
Beardsley, PhD, who spent 25 years studying the thymus gland and discovered TPA.

Ok, so what is TPA?

TPA is necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system; specifically the
portion responsible for controlling and disposing of viruses, bacteria, and other
harmful agents.

It contains a "transmitter" which seeks out the T-4 helper white blood cells, attaches
to and activates them.. The T-4 helper cells are the "brain" of the immune system
and control infection-fighting cells such as the T-8 killer cells and T-8 suppressor

Who should take ProBoost?

Giving ProBoost to a child (or anyone) with a weaker than average immune system,
including people with autoimmune issues (allergies, asthma, ASD, ADHD etc... ) can
dramatically help them ward off viral and bacterial illnesses.

Sounds too good to be true.  There's of course a catch, which unfortunately involves
the price.  At $50 a box, it's not cheap.  But, if posed the question, how much would
you pay for your child to not get sick?  Personally, I would shell out a lot more than

The major benefit for kids on the spectrum and/or with autoimmune issues is that
they're often dealing with simmering viruses that their bodies can't fight off.  When
using an antiviral, parents typically report a lessening of autistic like symptoms.  In
our house, it's been demonstrated time and time again.  Caroline is more focused,
engaged, calmer, uses more language and is in a better mood when we've used a
variety of antivirals, including ProBoost.

Obviously not for everyone, but if your child has moderate to serious immune system
issues, you might want to consider ProBoost.  It's been called "The best single
immune system supplement available."  You can read more about it at their
and purchase it from
Amazon and other retailers.

For every child

Since we can't spray, wipe or fog away all the germs in our kids environments, all we
can to do is support their immune systems in as many ways as possible (including
healthy foods and vitamins) and then take a deep breath as they enter the world of
germs a plenty.... hoping they can somehow maneuver through unscathed.

That is, until someone invents the magic shield.
The tickets and the "prize"...
Perfect eye contact ... with a purple monster.  Does that count?