The good news is that there are a lot of treatments for autism these days.

The bad news is that there are UH LLLLOT of treatments to choose from.  It
can be confusing and easy to lose sight of where you are and where you're

No matter what we try with Caroline though, we've always viewed Andy
Cutler's low dose chelation as the one that's treating the root cause of the
issues and according to Dr Usman, "It's what's going to drive the recovery

Sometimes, I worry that people who join our story somewhere in the middle
may not be aware how important chelation has been and will continue to be.

Of everything we do, it's the one thing that I would be most reluctant to stop.  
Without it, we wouldn't be addressing the root problem that's causing all of the
immune and neurological dysfunction.... the heavy metal toxicity.

So, in the interest of always keeping chelation at the forefront, I'm pleased to
announce a new Facebook group and website designed to support Andy
Cutler Chelation:

Please, visit the website to learn more.

The group is for everyone.  We have members ranging from not-yet-started
to experts who can do it in their sleep (literally!)  

We'd love for you to join us no matter what stage you're at!  

Parents helping Parents.  Recovering Kids.  Together, it's possible.

See you there!
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