April 26, 2013

Announcing ~ A new Facebook Group for Moms....  RK Village!
It's inevitable.  When you spend your days and nights researching how to
heal your child, you will someday own more bottles of supplements than
pairs of shoes.   

Shortly thereafter, you'll try some of those supplements on yourself.   
Maybe you treat a sinus infection with olive leaf extract, or a headache with
belladonna.   At that moment, you'll realize that healing your child has
brought your entire family better health.   

You hardly recognize that person who perhaps not so long ago fed your
children McDonald's or rushed to the pediatrician for prescription
antibiotics at the first sign of illness.  Who WAS she?  

So there you are.  Super Mom.  Healing everyone in sight.   You have groups
for all aspects of your child's healing.  But what about yourself?  Who do
you ask when you have dietary or yeast or adrenal issues of your own?  
You don't want to post it at the RecoveringKids group, but you're guessing
those smart moms would have the answers you need -- and some you
didn't even know you need!

And so began RK Village.  A new Facebook group just for moms!   Girl talk,
about OURSELVES (for once).  We'll chat about supplements, diets,
treatments and everything we use
or should use to heal & rejuvenate
ourselves!  For everything from vitamins to natural beauty products to yoga,
it's the place to be.  

Women for women.

RK Village.  Grab your latte and come join us.  Now there's a place just for you
and your needs.... and yes, shoe talk always  welcome.


UPDATE:  The group was launched last night and on behalf of all the
moderators, thank you!  We are so touched by the responses, participation
and outpouring of enthusiasm.  What an incredible community of women.   
Please join us, you will find yourself among good, good friends.  
For future blog notifications:
What it's all about....
An initial post from a new member:

"Thanks for adding me:) I need to be here
sooo badly. While I know I should be, I have
been doing nothing to take care of/heal
myself. Trying to recover my daughter is so
all encompassing that I'm neglecting myself
Can't wait to learn more about what others
are doing and how they're managing
to do it :)"
All Moms who are members of
RecoveringKids.com | Biomedical
Healing are invited to join
RK Village
To learn more about the
original group, please visit
The Village
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motherhood and
personal well-being is
where The Village Blog
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