April 4, 2013

VIDEO: Autism Prevention | What the Parents Say
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Who better to ask for advice on how to prevent autism than parents of
children with autism?  We asked 1,287 members of the Recovering Kids
Facebook Group... and here is what they had to say.
Special thank you to the
Recovering Kids group, now over
5,000 members strong and all
parents who participated.  
Without you, this video would
not have been possible!
Awareness of autism is all around us this month.  What we need now,
though, is so much more than awareness.   We need everyone concerned
about future generations to take ACTION.  To tell the world, autism is not
only Treatable, it's PREVENTABLE.   

One in 68 children.  In many reports greater than 1 in 50.  One in 50 lives
forever altered.  We must work harder to REVERSE the number before it's
one in 30 or one in 10.  Before it strikes another person you love.