Our Healing Diet

The SCD has historically been used for ulcerative colitis, IBD, IBS, Crohn's disease, and celiac disease.  These
days it garners a lot of interest and support for healing children from autism, ADHD, allergies, and asthma.  In
the autism world, doctors who have patients use this diet report a 100% improvement rate for the child's
condition.  Take that in for a moment.  100%.  Where do you ever see that???

A rather austere website has a lot of basic information
(http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/) and there is
also a book called "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gotschall.  These are both helpful but IMHO the best
book to read first is written by a neurologist in England who had a son with autism.  She has revitalized interest
in this diet with a book called Gut and Psychology Syndrome.  Her book can be purchased online
(http://www.shop.gapsdiet.com/product.sc?productId=1&categoryId=7) and is one of the best overviews of
various medical issues and how they can be tied to gut health / gut flora.  Medical issues that include ear
infections, allergies, heavy metal poisoning, not to mention autism are covered in the book and can be healed
using this diet.  Her book is a lengthy read and she has made some tweaks to the original SCD which I don't
necessarily agree with 100%, but it is a great place to start.  It took me hundreds of internet research hours and
if I had just had this book...

If you don't want to read a book there is a fabulous 90 minute video of a presentation by Dr. Natasha
Campbell-McBride (
http://vimeo.com/10507542) to get you started.  This video was the first step toward my
husband not thinking I was on another crackpot "diet can fix everything" crusade.  This video + our results with
[our daughter] made a believer out of Andrew.  Now we help other children get similar results and we cannot
help but be excited by the sheer hope it can provide a family struggling with medical issues, if the parents are
crazy enough to chain themselves to their kitchen for a minimum of two years.  But the hope it can provide is
great and the results come quickly and continue consistently.  

There is a certain level of desperation a mother has to have to take this route.  BUT it is an effective and
empowering route to take and has gotten me out of countless PT/OT/ST + doctors' visits because [our daughter]
is falling off the spectrum quickly.

There is also a great website specific to SCD that I relied upon heavily when starting:
http://www.pecanbread.com  - this is a website with a heavy focus toward healing a child from autism using SCD.  
It has amazing info, particularly the overview page http://www.pecanbread.com/new/aboutscd.html
  • Click here for a description and helpful information from the TACA website

  • Our top 5 reasons for considering the SCD are:
  • The below note was written by a friend, Kati who has a daughter on the SCD.
              I think it's a very helpful overview. Thank you Kati!
  • Caroline has been on the SCD since February of 2010.  We consider it to be the backbone
    of her healing and critical to some of the other biomedical successes she's achieved
5. You don't have to spend $7 on a tiny loaf of gluten free bread... because on the SCD you aren't
allowed bread at all.

4. The SCD will undoubtedly turn your child into a less picky eater.  And yes, I too, shook my head
in disbelief as other parent's told me the same thing, but it's true.

3. The SCD doesn't require a DAN doctor or any expensive supplements.

2. The SCD will help any child (or person) with gut issues -- even if you visit all the biggest name GI
doctors, the end recommendation is likely to be the SCD, so why not try it first?

1. The SCD is the most highly rated autism recovery diet.  Some reports claim nearly 100% of
children on the spectrum show improvements with the SCD, much greater than GFCFSF.