Have a question?  Don't know who to ask?  Maybe it's just hand holding you're
needing.  Either way, these parent groups are for you!

All groups listed are very active and we personally vouch for them.  If you sign
up for the "daily digest" emails on the yahoo groups, you'll learn more than
you ever realized you needed to know... promise!  And the facebook groups,
you know how convenient and easy they are.   Pick your favorites and get

Many of the parents in these groups have been invaluable on our journey.

General Online

RecoveringKids.com - support for AC chelation and related biomedical
interventions... check it out!!

Autism is Medical - Everything biomed.  Local Chicago group, but anyone can
join and benefit from the huge knowledge base!

YAHOO Groups

GFCF Kids :: 15,000 members, GFCF diet info and more.

Enzymes & Autism  ::  6.500 members, digestive enzymes for gut issues.

Autism-Mercury  ::  10,000 members, all types of chelation.

Taca -USA :: 2,200 members, comprehensive ASD support.

MB12/Valtrex  ::   5,000 members, has evolved to talk of all things biomed.

BeyondGFCF  ::  500 members, more advanced diets.

Pecanbread  :: 5,000 members, SCD diet and more.

(send us a note on Facebook to request to be added if you can't add yourself)

Beating Autism

RecoveringKids.com | Cutler Chelation

Healing with Camel Milk

Homeopathy Cafe

Parents of Kids with PANDAS...

Let's Talk AutismOne ::  Talk about the Chicago Conference
GFCF Kids Chat group (pre-internet).
Highly Recommended by our Friends

Autism Web

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