February 14, 2012

What's your passion?
                                   "Happy Valen-time's Day!" Caroline said to her therapist as she
proudly offered her carefully hand crafted Valentine heart.

The precise pleats of the accordian legs and perfectly placed googly eyes hinted at her
passion for making valentines.

She's been waiting for 'Valen-times' day all year long actually.  Watching "Minnie's
Surprise" (
Mickey Mouse forgets Valentine's day... GASP!) and reading Valentine books every
chance she gets.

And now it's here!

But while she decorated her hearts with gusto, my mind kept wandering to the e book I'd
been asked to write... did I convey my passion?


The story is about passion... Not Johanna Lindsey romance novel style.  More of a
reflection on how the things I'm passionate about have changed through the years.  

Once dreaming of travelling the world and leaving my mark, everything changed with
diagnosis autism.

The quote "
Passion Propels Dreams," rings abundantly true in our community.

So in my chapter, you can read about how, as I became passionate about healing
Caroline, my dreams shifted...

Excerpt from the book:

Which brings me to the "thank yous!"

Never did I imagine being blessed with so many fellow parents filled with passion on this

A heart-felt thank you
to everyone who is following and sharing our story, together, we
are going to make great things happen.  Together we are changing the world!

The e book is now available.
Dreams change. Plans change. Life is messy and complicated,
and also wonderful.

When Caroline began healing, I created a video chronicling her progress. At
first, it was just so we could record her challenges, to channel our frustration in
the face of all of these burdens heaped on an innocent little girl.

The video led to a website, and then a blog. We talk openly of the challenges
we’ve faced, the treatments we’ve tried. We now have followers from all corners
of the earth.

There was a time I wanted to travel the world, and I gave up that idea to heal
my daughter. Now, through our story, the world comes to us.
First Valentine's Day - 8 months
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