November 6, 2011

Back to the Business of Chelating  (PART 1)
Caroline has had an incredible weekend!  

She was more engaged, aware, vocal, and happy than she's ever been in her life.  
Our latest regression from PANDAS was
almost a distant memory -- she still has a
few tics, but her OCD was barely noticeable.  Of course, with PANDAS, it could be
back at any moment, so excuse me while I find some wood to knock on.

Ok, I'm back...   you're probably
not wondering what we did to bring on the stellar
behavior, because I gave it away in the title... but if you want to know more, keep

What's going on at our house?

For the past 2 months, we've been so busy dealing with PANDAS (click for update) that
in order to be certain what was helping her OCD, we took a break from both
chelation and neurofeedback.

This past Friday, however, when I was not yet in possession of our latest
homeopathic remedy, I took the plunge and began round 42 of Andy Cutler chelation.

The moderators at
Autism Parent Central (the former RFA group) often nudge
parents who have taken substantial breaks to "Get back to the business of chelating"
and I was proud to say we finally were.  

By Friday evening, I was wishing I had never stopped.  Our girl was back.  She was
answering questions, paying attention, giving incredible eye contact, playing pretend
and was just an overall dream to be around.

So wonderful she was, that I should've considered myself fortunate to be able to
enjoy it until 1:45 am.  However, sometime around 11:30, as she was reenacting her
6th TV episode, I became less enchanted with our new and improved Caroline.

Why she was dancing on the bed and couldn't sleep, I'm not sure --- but it reminded
me of one of my earlier blogs about chelation when she did the same thing.  There
must be something about mercury moving out of her brain that triggers insomnia and
dancing.  Which makes the chelator sound more like something that should be sold
in a nightclub restroom vending machine.  

The detective in me says that the insomnia was yeast.... especially since she's on
antibiotics for PANDAS, but on Saturday she didn't have any other signs of yeast and
slept well.

The rest of the weekend, she was equally engaging, happy and thinking of her own
play schemes and ideas (which is HUGE!)  Her use of language was easily triple what
it normally is.  Even her gross motor skills were noticeably improved - a girl who often
has difficulty catching a ball was catching, kicking and throwing with ease.

How do I harness the power of AC chelation for my child?

Since I'm short on time, that question will be answered in Part 2.  It will be a nuts and
bolts post about how to go from zero to sixty with Andy cutler low dose chelation
(which, by the way is very inexpensive, safe and does not require a physician to

As I went along this weekend, I took pictures of the specific way I do things and in
PART 2, each step -- from how to learn about -- to how to be successful with AC
chelation is covered.

Here are two other posts on chelation and how it has helped Caroline:
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Caroline on top of the world at ballet class on Saturday
Sunday morning, Caroline made up a game in which
she went to all the doors of our house to 'trick or treat.'
Adorable and a pretty clever way to get treats.
Some of the FAQ's in Part 2

What is Andy Cutler Chelation?

How do I get started?

What is a "Round?"

Where should I buy supplements?  

How do I divide the chelator?

How do I make sure I don't miss a dose?

Do I need to perform testing?
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