It happened.

Fishing is the new Build-A-Bear.  Caroline decided she simply loves to fish.

Admittedly, she believes we're at Mickey Lake and she's about to reel in a big
red gooey fish, but hey, a girl can dream.

Probably the best part of fishing, since we don't catch anything, is the
anticipation.  Envisioning the big catch.  And isn't that what us biomed parents
are doing all the time?  

Constantly thinking about how we're going to elicit the next big gain, we open
our tackle boxes of supplements, and choose the ones most likely to deliver a
"big catch."  

Sometimes, it's easy to decide what to give.  But sometimes, when the
symptoms morph, you're no longer sure.  You question everything.  Ask
everyone.  But it gets you nowhere.  Further confused by differing opinions
and finding it hard to focus because there's you child...


And scripting.

And pacing.

And scripting.  

Until you can take no more!  And that's when you throw open the latch, reach
in the box and go with your gut.


At our house, Caroline's been serenading us with verbal stims for the past 3
weeks.  While talking and humming to herself, she's worn her pacing pattern
into the floors.  

All the while, I've been watching, wondering.  What could it be?  Since it's
onset coincided with the June 4th full moon, I first suspected parasites.  

The worms.

One of the hottest topics in the autism community lately, for good reason, is
parasites.  Specifically, how a majority of children with autism are affected by
them.  And really, all people are affected by them to some extent.  A good
introductory article is:
Parasite Alert - 3 signs to watch out for

In summary, here are the 3 red flags you are carrying a parasite:

  1. Chronic digestive issues ~ even with a highly alkaline diet rich in good
  2. Mental distress ~ anxiety, depression and behavioral changes.
  3. Autoimmune disorders ~ including irritable bowel syndrome.

Sure sounds like they're describing our kids, don'tcha think??  So many of us
are feeding our kids near 'perfect' diets and they still have the above issues.  

Treating parasites is no longer on the periphery.  It's front and center.  A
mainline autism protocol that many believe you must do if you want to achieve
further gains ... or reel in your biggest catch.

In the tackle box, there are a myriad of parasite protocols.  Some strictly
natural, some prescriptions, and many, many theories on which is best.

It was a tough choice.  But, for now, with the help of Dr. Usman, we've decided
to begin the following at the next full moon (July 3):

Update to blog: These two to be added in the future, we saw good things with
just Vermox and VRM 4

Idle hands.

So there I sat, 2 weeks until the full moon, always the fisherman, wondering
what I could do in the meantime.  

A brilliant friend with an RD  (Recovered Daughter....
which is often superior to
an MD in this community)
, wrote a blog about Thyroid issues.   Since treating
Caroline's thyroid more aggressively has been on my list for a while, I thought
maybe it was time.  

But then, it hit me.  Somewhere between the glass of wine to celebrate the
"2 months off Diflucan Anniversary" and leisurely skimming "Stop the Thyroid
Madness," I realized, the thyroid would have to wait.  The unthinkable had
happened..................The god-forsaken yeast was back.

Staring me right in the face and I didn't even see it.

The pacing.
The scripting,
The verbal stims.
The increased fogginess.
The decreased engagement.

Where was my brain?   In the past, we always had night waking and giggling
with yeast.  But since
Bacopa transformed our nights into blissful stretches of
actual rest, I quite naively didn't suspect the yeast beast.   

Which is odd, because it's usually a tendency to blame everything on yeast.
Climbing on furniture.  Yeast.  Laying on floor.  Yeast.   Doing absolutely
anything out of the ordinary.  Yeast.   You know the drill.  

Somehow, I had shifted one hundred and eighty degrees and no longer had
yeast as suspect numero uno.

When I finally saw it, I decided to restart Diflucan, to see what would happen.

The first day was uneventful.  The second & third were marked with
heightened stimmy-ness, but it was different.  She was not as disconnected.  
Not in a fog, more engaged.  More communicative.

The nights, though, became reminiscent of nights we'd left in the past since
our love affair with Bacopa began 6 weeks ago.  Awake.  Wide awake.  
Scripting.  Singing.  Having the time of her life.  

And there I was, back in the kitchen at 3 AM, mixing potions in a feeble attempt
to stop her racing mind.  Just like old times.  

In die off hell.   

The only consolation was that at least we started fighting before treating
parasites, which surely would've bought us a one way ticket on the Yeastville

Lesson learned.  

The Pau d'Arco, Candex and biotin that we were using when we removed
diflucan were not enough to keep the yeast in check.  Next time, we'll need
more players.

I'm working on an improved natural yeast protocol, because at the first sign of
a tic.... and I'm sure there will be one....  the mighty Diflucan's reign will be
over again.

And why the tics?  As diflucan kills off yeast, the balance in the gut shifts and
bacteria begin to overgrow... even with antimicrobials and massive doses of
probiotics on board.  The Diflucan is too strong. The bacteria love it.  They
enter the limelight, causing tics, OCD and other assorted craziness.   

A fish story.

According to Caroline, she's angling for the biggest red gooey fish in the lake.  
There may even be a grandiose story about how she landed it.  

But from us, you'll get a straight report.  Just the facts -- good and bad -- as
we embark on a more aggressive parasite treatment plan and try to determine
which natural supplements will better control yeast.

Hopefully, the reduction of parasites will reveal even more of Caroline at her
best.  We're in a prime location.  PANDAS is a distant memory. Round 62 of
chelation is up next.  Our tackle box is pared down and we're ready for results.

Some big catches are on the horizon.  They are visible from our boat.  We're
rowing closer and casting out...

Gone Fishing.
Back at dark-thirty.

UPDATE:  At the end of day 3 1/2, die off is nearly over.  Life is good.
How we get Parasites
(Humaworm site)
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