You have little to lose.  Your child is waiting.

Consider taking the first step.  Get to know the child who's inside.   

Waiting to connect.  To love.

Listen to other parents.  Hear the success stories and be inspired.

You can do it.  You will amaze yourself.  Your child will amaze you.  
This experience reminded us why we started our blog.   Why we will never stop sharing information about the power of biomed.  

If we didn't use supplements, we wouldn't begin to know our daughter.  And she wouldn't begin to know the fullness of life.

The birds -- chirping in the trees.  The dolls -- she forgot she owned.  The flowers -- she loves to water.  

Last week, none of it was noticeable.  Minimal eye contact.  Little communication.  Lack of interest in life.

Today though,  she's taking it all in.  Born anew, as if seeing for the first time, she can't get enough.  Soaking up the world around her.  

Loving life again.  
Calm.  Engaged.  Communicative.  
Her eye contact has returned.

The weeks of frantic pacing and scripting have
ended.  Her body is still.

She's reading books.  Pretending.  

Her world is at peace.

...............................Three and a half days.
Day 3 1/2 on Diflucan

After a 2 month break
during which
she slowly regressed.

At first, we didn't even
notice it.

But now, today....