July 27, 2011

Dear Sugar,

You had me at the icing.  

From that first taste, I knew our friendship was going to endure.
And it did, we really had it all, you and I.

You were a friend I could always count on and remained
faithfully by my side through the ups and downs of life.

Crushed by a lost promotion, you picked me up.  
Celebrating a birthday, you made it sweeter.  Together, we were quite a team.

That is, until you did me wrong.  What's that, you don't know of what I speak?  
How shall I count the ways?

1. I heard some pretty awful things about you.  Turns out you're implicated in a long list of
diseases: allergies, viral, bacterial and yeast infections, headaches and almost all "age
related" health problems including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes,
hypoglycemia, osteoporosis, gallstones, kidney stones, cataracts and don't forget
obesity.  How can you call yourself a friend when you when you stifle my body's ability to
burn fat?

2. You've toyed with my family's immune systems long enough.  Just a few teaspoons of
you is enough to knock an immune system down for hours -- causing a 50% drop in the
ability of white blood cells to fight bacteria.  With back to school time just around the
corner, I think our family is simply better off without you.

3. Back to #1, let's focus on the yeast infections... even the last hold-out doctors are
finally aware that you feed them, and not just the female variety.  It won't be long before
they also realize that yeast is at the root of so many of our kids behavior & health issues,
including my daughter's:

•Inability to focus and pay attention
•Peeling skin and eczema
•Fatigue / Lethargy
•Sleep disturbances - (including night waking for several hours)
•Inappropriate laughter
•Increased sensory defensiveness
•Climbing/jumping off things

That's not enough for you? The list is actually much longer and I read all about the
problems yeast causes for children on the Autism spectrum, with ADHD, Sensory issues or
with any autoimmune disorder on this page:
What Is Yeast Overgrowth?  And I also
know from experience that when her yeast is under control, the problems disappear.

I'm sure you think you can go on masquerading at parties and holidays like you're
everyone's BFF, when really you're just waiting to call your low-life cohorts and pounce on
us when we're most vulnerable.  Well, no more, not at our party, we'll find a way to
celebrate without you.  It may not always be easy, but we'll do it.  

You say we're going to miss you at Halloween?  You're probably right.  But don't come
crying at our doorstep dressed up as fructose, glucose or sucrose.  We're not fooled and
aren't going to take you back.  We'll find happiness again and life will be even sweeter.  

Pack up, move on, go bother someone else for a while because we're done.

No longer yours,

Rebecca Ferguson
Mom who's had enough.
Since February of 2010, Caroline's been
on the
Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

It does not allow any sugar or grains.

Close to 100% of parents with children on the
diet report decreased autistic-like symptoms
and better health.

For more information, please
click here
Photo circa Spring 2009
UPDATE 10/17/11:

Trick or Treat!  The spookiest time of year is
upon us.  Too bad it's also the 'sugariest' -- is
that a word??  No matter, you get my drift.

Here's an article that lists
Sugar's 76 Dangers to
Your Health. (scroll down for the list)

Which makes my letter containing only 3 appear
much too generous.

Also, with cold & flu season upon us, Dr Mercola
cites eliminating sugar as the first of the The
Two Most Potent Flu Prevention Strategies
(again, scroll down)

Not to worry... Haunting can still be happy with
Non-candy Trick or Treat Favorites
Kids Love.