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PM - super giggly
The thing about horse racing... as much as you study the contenders,
sometimes you can't predict the winner.  Sometimes a rookie steals the
show.  Sometimes you have to tweak their training over and over and
they still can't place.

Trifecta: in horse racing, a bet in which the bettor must predict which
horses will finish first, second and third in exact order.

Seems nearly impossible.  But parents in our community are likely to tell
you there's something even harder.

Biomed-fecta: in autism, a bet in which the parent must predict which
supplements will bring their child language, engagement and social skills,
and the exact dosages of each.   


At the starting gate, racing plates on, it's post time.  Our supplements
lined up for the summer of biomed.  Anticipation in the air... would they
be winners?  Would they bring us the things we needed?

We'd spent weeks studying the research and placed our bets.  Tickets in
hand as we anxiously awaited the starting gun.

Thiroyd(TM) bolted out of the gate as a front runner early in the race.  

Upon treating her thyroid, Caroline was much more engaged, calm,
reading better, more coherent and had less anxiety.  The gains were swift
and obvious and we were left wishing we'd taken the statistic that over
80% of children on the spectrum benefit from treating thyroid seriously
much sooner.

As gains waned and we tweaked the dose.  First 1/2 grain, then 3/4 and
now 1 grain.  Every few weeks, we test and modify the dose.  We've found
that dividing the dose 7 am and 11:30am works better than giving all at
once.  To read more, here is our
Thyroid Blog and links.

Vermox, a joint favorite, was running strong as the pack rounded the first

During the first full moon in July, we began vermox for parasites. We gave
it for 3 days.  Gigglyness ensued, which seemed to be die off.  Each week
we repeated it the gigglyness returned.  By the end of the month, we saw
nice things and no more itchy behind.  You can see our day-by-day
observations for the
month of July here.

Mb-12, an old retired favorite re-emerged onto the scene in mid-July.  
We had used it in the past, but upon stopping noticed improvement (likely
from less yeast and stimming).  However, when her language became
garbled again, we decided to give it another try.  

Definite strides in language.  And definite added stimmyness.  We are still
working to find the perfect dosage and have abandoned the shots in
favor of oral and transdermal for the moment.  Read more about Mb-12
on the Month of July blog above.

Epicor.  Known to help with SigA deficiencies (which she has), Epicor
was added to the ticket for it's immune modulation properties.  It can
help with microbial problems, NK cell strength, calcium channel signaling,
CD4/CD8 ratios, IgA response, and oxidative stress.

Behind the scenes, Epicor is a workhorse helping prep the immune
system to control yeast, parasites, clear toxins and much more.  
on Epicor was an easy choice.

Lengthening the odds:  
Metafolin is a form of folate that when coupled
with mb-12, is mutually beneficial.  A debate arises though regarding the
different forms of folate / folinic / etc...  We recently abandoned the
"generic" Thorne 5-mthf in favor of Pure Encapsulations with the brand

It's made a difference.  She seemed strangely "off" when giving thorne's
5-mthf. but not so with metafolin.  The switch may have seemed a
longshot, but the combination bet with mb-12 paid off.

A value runner on the card is
Bacopa.   Not a high profile supplement,
but the rewards can be big.  Less anxiety, improved focus and memory.  
And it was actually the side effect of possible drowsiness, we were
targeting.  We won - and got better sleep - with our bet on Bacopa.  
You can read about it in our
Nootropics blog.  

Piracetam, a stretchrunner and another nootropic is also featured at the
end of the above blog.  It's designed to improve cognition, motor planning
and anecdotally has spurred creativity.   We have seen all three.

How does it work?  By influencing the excitatory properties of glutamate
neuro-transmitters in the cerebellum.   It also improves blood flow to the
brain (giving the brain more oxygen) by activating acetylcholine, a
neurotransmitter which is involved in motor planning, memory and

For more, read:
Piracetam: A Powerful Tool for Learning Disabilities and

Neem.  With credentials sounding too good to be true.  Neem is 'on the
bit' and has good odds.  It's anti-viral, antimicrobial, anti-yeast, and
anti-parasitic. The definition of a sure thing.  We added Neem Plus
(Ayush Herbs) two weeks ago, and it seems to be working well.  

Allimed.  This dark horse in the lineup was largely unknown to us.  Past
performance of Allicin (garlic) for it's antifungal properties didn't wow us.  
But then a good friend told us about Allimed.  Much stronger, and less
garlicky tasting.  Since she "she swears by it"  we decided place a bet on
the non-garlicky garlic.

We've tried as many as 5 drops per day and as little as zero.  So far we
may have noticed die off, but it's been difficult to tell.  Definitely one to
look into though if you're searching for additional antifungals... which
really, who isn't??


As they careened down the home stretch, onlookers gathered.   What
supplement would be declared the winner of the Summer of Biomed

Although all of the supplements contributed to her improvement, there
was no photo finish needed for this race.  By more than a full length,
Thiroyd(TM) lead the pack.  It gave us "wows" like no other.

So, our advice is simple, do not miss this one.  If your racehorse needs
thyroid supplements and you don't figure it out, it could mean that you
never cross the "finish" line of your child's recovery.


Boxing your bets.

When healing our children we're almost always placing multiple bets to
cover all the possibilities.  Supplements for symptom relief alongside
supplements to heal the underlying causes.

Our betting board from the summer was filled with supplements for
symptom relief.  So we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that through it all,
there are two additional contenders that never leave our race.  Big ones.  

Camel milk.  She's still drinking it.  A pint a day.  In her case, it's healing
properties simply can't be beat.  It kept her from needing an IViG's for
PANDAS and has made 2012 significantly the healthiest year she has
ever had.  
See "Got Camel Milk" for more.

Andy Cutler Chelation.  ACC has been the pacesetter in our race for
almost two years.  It's the thoroughbred that we're counting on to drive
her recovery home.   

You see, an immune system weakened by metals can't keep yeast,
bacteria or parasites in check....which is why we need Vermox, Neem,
Allimed, Epicor (and a slew of others).

Basal ganglia burdened by mercury can't control sleep-wake cycles
which is why we need Bacopa (and melatonin and clonidine).

The motor cortex areas of the brain, necessary to function properly for
motor planning and speech, can't operate appropriately when affected
by mercury.  Which is why we need Mb-12, Metafolin, Piracetam (and
MANY others).

Even the thyroid glands aren't functioning at full capacity because of her
elevated metal levels.

Really, we have no other choice than to do what we can to safely remove
them.  Without doing so, we do not believe she could recover.

At the end of round 71 of Andy Cutler's protocol, we're still seeing new
gains.  For instance, Caroline finally learned the sensation of feeling

One day, she surprised us by announcing, for the first time ever, "I'm
hungry!"  Even more surprising was the request, "I want vegetables."  !!!

We have never cooked them faster!  She sat at the table and cleaned
her entire plate - not getting up to leave once.  People who have followed
their child around with forkfuls of food, know what a welcome change it

Now, she requests food daily and sits at the table while she eats it!  Of
course we could have utilized therapy techniques to force her to sit
against her will much earlier.  But instead, we didn't work on it at all.  We
just kept chelating.  Removing the mercury from her brain, allowing her
hypothalmus to function properly, curing the root problem.  A much more
winning solution in our opinion!  

Perhaps the people who adamantly shamed us, saying,  "She'll
never sit
at the table if you don't teach her now" might have been mistaken.  
Perhaps they don't really understand WHY children on the spectrum
behave the way they do - but that's a topic for another blog!


In the race to recovery, we must remain focused.  Placing wagers only on
supplements most likely to bring our child one step closer to the
metaphorical "finish line."   And just like with the horses, if we don't  
research and seek advice from our fellow bettors, we'll be far less likely
to win the ever so coveted, biomed-fecta.

On your marks everyone, let's get set for another season of remarkable
progress and happy, healthy kids!
Stop the Thyroid Madness website and
book are excellent resources
In an effort to demonstrate exactly how
strongly we feel about chelation, along with
the author of
Saving Savannah, we started
a chelation Facebook group called
Recovering Kids.
We couldn't be happier with the enthusiasm
of parents, new and veterans alike!
Our horse
Caroline, like so many girls, LOVES her horses!